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Growing up in a small town in Ohio and then moving to South Georgia in high school I never imaged having a career in the film industry working for companies like Marvel Studios, Disney, MGM, or Warner Brothers.  I was always a creative, inquisitive child, who loved art class and school projects. I enjoyed frequently rearranged my bedroom furniture for fun. I was encouraged to use creative writing to help me overcome my challenges in spelling and reading and fueled my fascination with the power of a captivating story.


My learning disability inspired me to want to help other children and encourage and support them to further their education and follow their passions. However I realized teaching wasn't the path for me and I decided to  pursue a law degree and changed majors to criminal justice. I was dismayed after graduation with the criminal justice field and found new inspiration watching many of the popular design television shows of the in the early 2000's and decided to go to Art School. 

I was introduced into the film industry while working at a local fabric store in Atlanta and studying Interior Design at Georgia State University. Seeking internship opportunities during my senior year I was excited to gain the opportunity to intern at Tyler Perry Studios to work on the renovation of the old Delta Headquarters in Atlanta, GA.  Shortly after graduating I received a call from a local Set Decorator to interview for a Production Assistant on one of the films being produced at TPS.


I loved learning about the process and thrived in the chaotic creative work environment.  With the boom in the film industry in Atlanta I was encouraged to join the Union and worked as a Set Decoration Buyer.  I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work and learn from some uniquely wonderful creative people and great Decorators. My hard work and dedication was rewarded with more opportunities and I started getting calls to Decorator for independent films and then with VH1 & BET.  The hours were long and often very stressful. Often working six and seven days a week was the norm. Learning to be flexible, keeping a sense of humor and not being afraid to put in the the hard work paid off. One door seemed to open another and I can't believe it been nearly 15 years in the industry. 


I enjoy collaborating with Production Designers and Art Directors to create the Directors vision and bring the script to life. I find the process of dissecting scripts and developing characters life experiences and cultures fascinating. I love creating and developing additional backstories to fill in the details of a set and supporting the authenticity of the story, while bringing the characters to life. 

My career has allowed me to be a student of life and create magic through the collection of objects that define physical spaces and tell the story of people of a variety of experiences, backgrounds, cultures and time periods. My love and appreciation of design and style have broadened with each project and the research that goes into planning and conceptualizing the design.


Everyday is something different. From locations to stage work, traveling from prop house to vendors keep me out of the office and on the move and even working in other cities and countries. There is so much excitement in the thrill of the hunt. I spend countless hours visiting vintage shops, thrift stores and estate sales to sourcing every detail of a physical environment. I create countless detailed list and thought out plans for each set but relish the opportunity to discover unexpected unique piece that throws the plan out the window and sparks new inspiration.

When I am not working on a set I love to travel, read, garden, cook, entertain family and friends at home, and walk with my dog, Romeo. My most loved hobby and interest are interior design, history and art. My personal design aesthetic has definitely evolved over the year and become very eclectic and reflects my varied interest and colorful personality.

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