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Becoming a Set Decorator was never actually a part of my master plan. I thought I wanted to be an Attorney. I earned by B.S. in criminal Justice and worked as a probation officer with plans to go on to law school. But quickly found myself uninterested and uninspired by the work and decided to go back to school for a more create endeavor. 

I was introduced into the film industry while working on my B.F.A in Interior Design at Georgia State University. Initially I interned with a studio working on the renovation of a new office complex. Shortly after graduating I got a call to work in Set Decorator as a Production Assistant.

With the boom in the film industry in Atlanta I was encouraged to join the Union and worked as a Set Decoration Buyer.  I had an opportunity to work and learn from some uniquely wonderful people and great Decorators.  I thrived in the chaos of production work. The long hours, tight deadlines and ever changing schedule our an ever present challenge. Within a couple of years on working on productions I started to have more and more opportunities to set decorate.

I enjoy collaborating with Production Designers and Art Directors to create the Directors vision and bring the script to life. The process of dissecting scripts, researching characters, their cultures and the history that surrounds them is fascinating. Then developing additional backstories to fill in the details of a set. 

There is so much excitement in the thrill of the hunt. Hitting up vintage shops, thrift stores and estate sales to find the perfect objects that speak to the character. There is also always the opportunity of discovery the unexpected special piece that throws the plan out the window and sparks new ideas in a different direction. 

My career so far in the film industry as a Set Decorator has feed my soul in ways I never imaged. The career has allowed me to be a student of life and create physical spaces that tell stories of all types. My love of design and style have broadened my interest and appreciation for a variety of things. Everyday is something different. From locations to stage work and traveling from prop house to vendors keep me out of the office and on the move. 

When I am not working on a set I love to travel, cook, entertain at home, and spend time with my dog, Gizmo and friends and family. 

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